Cold Shoulder (feat. Murray Dropset)

from by War Master



Make your decision,
There's not long left.
When I get to you,
You'll be fucking dead.
You have no option, you have no voice.
When I'm in this position, you got no choice.
Mind in chains, tied up.
Fear strikes, lucks up.
There is no god here.
No one to hear your cries.
I've got no option.
I've got no peace.
The last thing you'll fucking see is me.
Keep your mouth shut, you're a fucking rat.
Laid to waste with the rest of the trash.
You brought this, on your self.
No option, no escape.
Death is your only fate.
Your times run out mother fucker.
Time to think about what you did.
All actions have consequence.
And yours is death.
The sands of time are running short.
It's nearly time to die.
I've been waiting to end you.
You've had your fun, now I'll have mine.
You where's your god, where's your friends to save you?
When it's time to die.
Time to die.


from Denial Of Life, released July 29, 2017



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