Death Lust

from by War Master



Baptised in fire,
And bred to hate.
Clouded mind,
There's to much at stake.
How can you judge, when you live the life you do?
Spitting venom.
Acting a fool.
No ones born a saint, and I sure ain't one.
But the day I act like you, is the day your side won.
Religious killing fields,
Filled with blood.
Greed of man,
No justice has been done.
Death lust, for the corrupt.
Mindless killing, for a quick buck.
When will it end.
When will humanity leave this earth.
It's the ones at the top, who have the rights.
But it's me and you, who have to put up a fight.


from Denial Of Life, released July 29, 2017



all rights reserved


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